My inspiration

Again a drawing for a friend, to inspire her. I asked her what is that thing that inspires you the most she said,” it’s my thoughts and the reason for those thoughts is my father”.

So getting inspired by her words I created a drawing where you will see to the right there are lots of continuous lines in curved form which represents her thoughts, the flow of it and to the left I have drawn a portrait depicting a father holding her daughter’s hand. Hope it inspires my friend and you too..


My inspiration..

This drawing is made for a friend, to inspire my friend. My friend’s inspiration is royal enfield bike so in the center of the drawing is the royal enfield bike. But I have written “royal enfield” in mirror way because what inspires my friend is the feeling of riding the bike so this is to remind my friend to remember the feeling and not the object. I call this drawing my inspiration because I want my art to inspire everyone around me. And even those who don’t know me. Hope it inspires my friend and you too..

Story of the Phoenix..

It’s hollow within me,
But soon I will become who I am meant to be.
The life I choose is not easy,
But one day I will surely be put out of my misery.
I’m a going to rise again from my ashes,
To become who I’m in all my senses.
Alone I rise,
Alone I fight,
That is how I ignite.

~ Hiral Doshi

Art inspired by a poem written by me.

A Cardioid..

I don’t know whether people feel like going back to place where they belong. A place where you feel like it’s your home and the place where you should be. This drawing is representation of that feeling.
A cardioid (from the Greek καρδία “heart”). So when you turn the drawing upside down it creates a heart in center.

Roads Untravelled


Deep inside.
Try the roads untravelled.
Where the color guides you,
Even with eyes closed..
We can seek truth.!
Even with deep silence..
You can hear the truth.!
Just go deep inside.
Where the only truth is you.

It’s where my Demons hide

It’s where my demons hide 🎶
We all have demons within us, it’s our choice to show them or hide them or get over them..

No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come
This is my kingdom come

When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide

An art inspired by the song:- Demons by Imagine Dragon.

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