A Cardioid..

I don’t know whether people feel like going back to place where they belong. A place where you feel like it’s your home and the place where you should be. This drawing is representation of that feeling.
A cardioid (from the Greek καρδία “heart”). So when you turn the drawing upside down it creates a heart in center.

Mystic rose


A Mystic Rose is a beautiful image created by joining together points that are equally spaced around a circle.

Nothing made sense yet it was all connected.. Just looking at the normal 12 pointed Mystic rose in a different way where I have erased the connecting points.

This way I learn something new but looking at it in a way I want to. Never look at things the way they are shown to us but look at it as if you were to see it for the first time.

Roads Untravelled


Deep inside.
Try the roads untravelled.
Where the color guides you,
Even with eyes closed..
We can seek truth.!
Even with deep silence..
You can hear the truth.!
Just go deep inside.
Where the only truth is you.

Simply complicated


Parabolic Curves, creating curves with straight line. Making simple things complicated.

Similar to how complication feels like, actually it’s nothing but a string of line which end being problematic. But always remember no matter how much things are complicated they always have a simple and similar solution.

Just how Black and Blue represents our complication whereas Orange and Pink is for the solution.



Everybody is evolving.
At beginning we don’t realise..
But sooner in the journey we understand that we are turning into beautiful souls.
And at the end the only thing we see is beauty within ourself and others 

Inspiring the Soul

Inspiring the souls..
That you are limitless, powerful and immortal.
You are energy that completes the universe.
You have the power to do everything and anything.

Beyond our imagination

No thoughts, no words can explain the things we don’t see but we still believe in it.
Something beyond our imagination, our vision.
It’s more than we can see, feel, smell, hear and taste .
It starts where all the senses and thoughts stop.


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